Tervetuloa, välkommen, bienvenue, bienvenida!

Welcome to The In-Between, a wee blog written by a 20-year old English Literature undergraduate responding to the name Matleena, or Mattie for short. Currently dividing her time between her new adopted home Glasgow and a tiny village called Alva, situated a nice bikeride (bus during the winter months which are rainy in Scotland) away from her university. Life is full of exploring.

The days are easily spent, when not in the library desperately writing a few thousand words on betrayal as a carrying theme in Shakespeare’s work, with the Irish boyfriend Michael or reading chick-flicks and enjoying a cup of coffee in various cafés. Aspiring to become a teacher, or a writer, or musician, or someone working in a theatre ’cause theatres are cool, she works as a volunteer coach at the local sports centre, loves walking and sightseeing, cycling, eating out, having a night in with good music and wine and every now and then a good old Bellini.

For the sake of lists, here are my favourite places in Glasgow:

  • Vespbar (14 Drury Street, the best bar-café-restaurant in town – they do Prosecco on tap!)
  • Glasgow Museum of Modern Art & Artstore
  • Òran Mór (even though it’s so goddamn expensive, the venue is overall great)
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Roots, Fruits and Flowers (I mean, au pain chocolat for 95p)
  • Shettleston Tesco Extra (it’s home and open 24/7)

Hope you enjoy following my story, mostly shared via photographs.

Got any questions? Comments? Don’t be shy, I’ve never practiced cannibalism so most likely I am not going to bite. Or eat anyone up. At least without Heinz’s original tomato ketchup, that is. I know, a bad, old joke. At least I’m not trying to become a comedian.

34 thoughts on “She

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Sure missing you! Will you EVER post again? :-)

  3. Lorainne says:

    Hei Matte miksen mä ole koskaan käynyt täällä ennen? Kääks oon nyt missannut jotain pahasti. Painan nyt tota follow-nappia. Naps.

    Hih, se sun paketti tuli sit just oikeeseen saumaan, se nimittäin kolahti postilaatikkoon just mun synttäripäivänä! :D Ihana oli. <3

    • Matleena says:

      Hei Lottaseni mä en tiedä, oon ollut ihan tyhmä ja unohtanut kertoa että tein tästä julkisen blogin, anteeksi! D: Mutta nyt löysit! Etkä oo mitään missannut, enimmäkseen täällä on kuvia ja jotain turhaa selitystä – mutta ihanaa kun painoit follow-napuskaa, kiitos paljon! Mulla on täällä jo yli kolmekymmentä seuraajaa ja tuntuu ihan huisilta :D

      Ihanaa että tuli just oikeeseen aikaan, en yhtään jotenkin muistanut/tajunnut että sulla oli noin isot juhlat! Mehän ollaan melkeen samanikäisiä, koska oon niin vauva ja syntynyt marraskuussa -93. Paljon onnea vielä kerran! xx

  4. There is no life without dreams…

  5. Nice to make your aquaintance Matleena, i’m visiting via Freshly pressed. Looks like some fun travels for you, really enjoyed some great photos on your blog, though I’m not on blogspot I’ll have to check out that one too now. Thanks for sharing(“-“)

    • Matleena says:

      Nice to meet you too! It’s been a great spring this one – a lot of travelling and chilling out. I’m happy you enjoyed my blog so much you cared to leave a comment, thank you very much xx

  6. With an attitude like your’s there is no doubt that you will achieve everything you set out to do. Good luck in life :-)

  7. very nice n impressive thoughts

  8. hello,
    nice n impressive work. i can send you some more stuff to give an elegance look to your website. you cute too.

  9. A Pakistani Boy says:

    you seem so cool!!

    Definitely stalking you ;)

  10. celiamohe says:

    Hello there! I don’t know why but I can’t see yous beautiful photos anymore, is there a problem in the blog?

  11. lampoondish says:

    ‘You could say I’m too curious but that’s just what I call ‘doing research’.’ Lovely that you confess to liking gossip and hints of narcissism. A self interest, for life. Why not : ) I’m sure your dreams will happen : )

    • Matleena says:

      Haha, hello there! :) I can’t see why to deny if one is a bit self-centered – then again, aren’t we all? – why not just admit it and try to live with it! It’s not the end of the world and I love myself (mostly), shouldn’t everyone? Oh, anyway, me rambling away again – nice to meet you lampoondish!

  12. I think that your stuff is really great, well done for your blog! :)

  13. itisalonelyworld says:

    You and I share so many similar interests, it’s fantastic! Your photos are lovely, keep it up! (:

  14. You got some amazing shots! Wish i lived somewhere as beautiful as where you live (Hawaii gets old sometimes… haha).

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