The sun must set to rise

when she was just a girl
she expected the world
but it flew away from her reach
and the bullets catch in her teeth

life goes on
it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly
every tear
a waterfall
in the night, the stormy night
she’ll close her eyes
in the night, the stormy night
away she’d fly

and dream of paradise

Paradise by Coldplay.

Been a tiring evening. Watched a Finnish romantic summer drama and felt, once again, sad about being single. Went finally out for a walk but am still in a need of a real, tight hug.

Still, the university contacted me today. I’ll happily be in England around the Applicant Days in April, where they kindly invited me. A few months and then I’ll be gone for a while, a long while. Can’t bear Finland anymore. I need a fresh start.

I’m getting away for the weekend – going to stay over at my godfather’s, in Lappeenranta. I wish I’d had next week off as well – I haven’t really done any homework…

Anyhow, off to bed I am!


8 thoughts on “The sun must set to rise

      • katharinetrauger says:

        Early? As in breakfast tea with bergamot in it? Sounds wonderful, but we don’t have that. Do have the regular Earl Grey, and it is one of my favorite. Will try that tomoffow. I think I sounds like it would be soothing. Thanks!

      • Matleena says:

        Oh, meant Earl but don’t know why I put the ‘y’ after the word — was really time to get to bed! I bought some chai from our local supermarket (I’ve been on a mission to find it and finally succeeded!) but have to say it’s quite rubbish compared to those in the UK. But it’ll do, mom and my younger little sister are visiting my aunt in Hitchin at the moment so I hope I’ll get something as a little birthday treat or gift…!

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