Post-Christmas photos this time. Classes started with nice remindings of the approaching examination.. I am to start revising and reading soon. There’s also yoga, Pilates, gym and swimming in my weekly schedule this year — quitted my job as a Sandwich Artist at Subway to have more time to exercise and study. And to be honest, it wasn’t such a glamorous job and I surely won’t be missing it that much.

I will be hearing of the university within a few weeks and this waiting is driving me nutters! I have got to know some other applicants already, thanks to yougo. It’s been relieving to share present and future thoughts and plans with others in the same position as myself.

And it’s been snowing! Never mind the black Christmas — there’s surely 20 inches of snow now. It’s all right and nice and okay as long as the temperature stays under 0°C but doesn’t decrease under -10°C. Otherwise there’s wet, heavy and horrible slush everywhere (literally everywhere) or so freezing you can’t consider being anywhere else than inside, under a hundred blankets, squeezing a hot water bottle and drinking tea. Or hot chocolate, even better.

So yes, the winter’s here. I started knitting a new red beret for myself, I hope it’ll be the right size.

How’s your January?


4 thoughts on “Obliviate

  1. pihlajanmarja says:

    Mie en ehi mitenkään alkaa lukea yo-kokeisiin ku kohta on kaks tärkeää konserttia meidän koululla ja miun pitää vaan harjotella niihin ku innoissani oon vaikka kuinka monessa kokoonpanossa mukana laulamassa tai soittamassa. 😀 Mihin yliopistoon sie oikein haitkaan? Jännää, toivon että pääset.

    • Matleena says:

      Mun pitää alkaa kattoo filosofiaa vähän läpi tai oon niin pulassa! Mutta muut ehtinee kyllä lukulomalla — okei no äikän tekstitaitoa pitää kertailla koska prelit ei menny ihan niin odotetusti 😀 Pikkuvikoja! Haen Stirlingin yliopistoon opiskelemaan TVtä ja mediaa, toivon mukaan journalismiakin — saisivat jo vastailla niin tää piina loppuis…!

  2. katharinetrauger says:

    Snow, finally! But I love the cold, love it. Slush–no. 😀
    Do folks make snowmen where you live? Around here, sometimes there are snowman-making contests with nice prizes in some towns. And the snowball fights with snow forts, and the works! We enjoy it, going out and playing until we are frozen, then coming in for toasting our toes and drying our clothes by fire and lots of hot drinks. Then it’s back outdoors for more frozen fun.
    Also, we make snow ice cream, but not with the first snow–rumor says it is dirty and the second day of snowing brings clean snow. Who knows? 🙂 We pour cream, sugar, and sometimes cocoa and vanilla over a bowl of snow, then mix and eat. Mmmm! As if we weren’t already cold enough. 😀

    • Matleena says:

      Snowmen, of course we make them! And what fun it is! Snow ice cream sounds rather interesting but I’d give it a try 😀 We have snow here for so many months at least I get all tired with it — there’s snow everywhere and it feels like it would never vanish.. But the view’s beautiful, can’t deny that!

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