Polaroid fun

Thank you Cambridge! Campkins camera centre at 11 Rose Crescent stills sells film for polaroid cameras. I have 6 more pictures left in the camera — Wales, I’m ready..!

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5 thoughts on “Polaroid fun

  1. elmer says:

    Whatever goes around….

  2. Cute! I never dreamed that film was still available anywhere! I’ll pop on over and pick some up! ;-)

    • Matleena says:

      Thanks! I bought my own Polaroid 600 Extreme last summer — it’s adorable, but the film is ridiculously expensive. 8 photos £23 I mean what the heck! And usually I use the whole packet in about 2 hours, max.. :D But it’d be great if you came over ;)

      • I think with airfare, the total cost of EACH of my photos would be about $200. That is if I could spend nights at your place. Ha!
        Also, would have to dig my camera out of the grandkids’ toy box. Never thought I would be able to use it again. :)

      • Matleena says:

        Really? Good God that is a lot of money! Greetings from Wales, by the way — I think I’ll buy a nice little cottage and just stay here for the rest of my days <3

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