By the sea

I’ll just stay here forever, OK? Wales is my heaven. Happy Easter!

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282 thoughts on “By the sea

  1. Rai says:


  2. your pictures perfectly capture the essence of the beach! i love the dogs and horses! the filter or effect you used added some extra character to the photos too. where were you??

  3. Sarah Harris says:

    WOW! I love the horses, and I love beaches so horses on the beaches sets me over the huge super moon we have tonight! Love the colored rocks and the group of “castles” from the pail.

  4. lincoln300 says:

    beautiful vintage looking pics… would love to see more photos on horses :)

  5. Ramin Tork says:

    Reblogged this on doodlejuice and commented:
    Great photos

  6. Beth Ann says:

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed! Your pictures are simply beautiful. I love the nuzzling horses one!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Redd x says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos! I can understand why you don’t want to leave!
    I especially like the piggy one ;)
    Redd x

  8. Moonmooring says:

    Such a beautiful place to photograph. LOvely photos.

  9. Michele LMS says:

    Such peaceful scenes! . . . Love the horses on the beach!

  10. justhearting says:

    amazing photos¡¡ I love them all! Congrats!

  11. Beaches and horses. Sigh.

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    • Matleena says:

      Thanks for your nice words! I’ll check your blog up as soon as I have the time and what comes to blogrolls – I’m sorry but I don’t do them. ‘Cause otherwise I’d have too many there I suppose! But thank you, take care x

  13. Aravind says:

    inspiring! was referencing freshly pressed blogs, found this one. I wish i’d someday reach to your level :) and nd nice post by the way :)

    • Matleena says:

      Oh you’re flattering me, I’m not that good – it’s something if I get the horizon right :) But thank you, so glad you like it! x

  14. makais says:

    Reblogged this on Blog and commented:
    some nice beach photos. happy summer!

  15. ronyshapira says:

    This place looks magical, and your photographs are absolutely beautiful and really capture the moment!! <3

  16. Horses-Beach-Happiness! BLISS! Lovely photos!

  17. beach always make peace.. i like anypicture about beach..

  18. Lovely. Nice shot of the rocks/pebbles.

  19. lampoondish says:

    Love the way you took these photos..they’re so quiet one has to listen carefully to see all the gloriousness : )

  20. NIce photos and what camera model you are using?
    marg swarnabhoomi

  21. Four says:

    Great I like ^^

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