Breathe air you’re not used to

Before you even start — I know, all these dogs! They are everywhere! Can’t help myself — I love dogs. And I miss my own. So there will be many dog pictures to come, I can assure you.

This weekend was all about Clacton-on-Sea, Jaywick and Holland-on-Sea. Oh the coastline! The sandy beaches! And the freezing sea. Dipped my trainers in the waves yesterday (I’d love to say by mistake but) and then there were a few April showers, too. So by the time I got back to the lovely Laxfield Hotel (After noticing that Sainsbury’s had closed a couple of hours ago – yes it was still raining and I was starving now, too. Bloody Sundays.) I was soaked. But nothing beats a good warm bath and a nice pair of woollen socks so I was on my feet again quite quickly.

Spent my evenings either reading Helen Dunmore or sitting in the pub with Mick and Fred (I hope I’m spelling their names right – never trust my name memory, I’m telling you). I learnt that I have to be careful and go for my dreams and that Harry’s got a new girlfriend. Sigh, I’m left with some duke then.

All in all, what a splendid weekend! Though Barcelona was rubbish on Saturday. Just saying.


12 thoughts on “Breathe air you’re not used to

    • Matleena says:

      I’m glad you like them, Katharine! I’ve been lucky to be able to travel, relax, meet new people and take photos like this, it’s been amazing and I’m so thankful for everything. ‘Cause I know how many others are studying for universities’ entrance exams day after day or working 9-5. It’s been the best spring I’ve had for a long while! 🙂

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