I take my time

It’s been all indoors today. Didn’t feel like running after yoga this morning so I’ve listened to Parachutes (the album) by Coldplay, done my scrapbook (it’s all pink, pastel, girlish and glitter – love it!), had a lovely lunch and two small pancakes for dessert. We’re going to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen tonight – I bet it’s brilliant because of Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor.

EDIT: IF you haven’t seen Salmon Fishing in the Yemen yet, PLEASE book tickets at your local cinema! IT IS BLOODY FANTASTIC my god!


7 thoughts on “I take my time

  1. Beljeze says:

    I’ve only read/seen 3 of your posts and you already fascinate me. You’re quite an inspiring person. I love Coldplay! And I saw the trailer of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, can’t wait to see the movie. Lucky you, visiting the UK. One of my favourite countries!

      • Matleena says:

        Haha that’s nice to hear, me being fascinating! And yeah, I’m starting university in September up in Stirling, Scotland. This is such a brilliant country, no wonder you too like it here. And please go and see the movie it is marvellous! As is Coldplay 🙂 Nice to meet you x

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