“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


19 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. katharinetrauger says:

    Congratulations, Matleena! I agree, you look so pretty! And the pnotography is very well done. I love your dress! I would have chosen that very color for you, and the style makes you look so elegant. The rose is a perfect touch.
    Of course I have a thousand questions about the background and the food! Have mercy!
    Is it your parent’s place? Is all the food sweets? Oh, and the jacket you wear in the first one–is the weather still rather chilly there? And does that jacket slip over the head? (I see no way to fasten it . . . ) Oh, I know you stay busy, but help me! 🙂
    I thing it must be around 2:00 or 3:00 where you are, but I just woke up, 7:00 Sunday. 🙂

  2. katharinetrauger says:

    Woo hoo!
    I just was visiting with my husband, over morning coffee, about you and your graduation, and about life as I grasp it (very little !) in Finland, and decided to show him this post of yours. He said, “Well, she’s an attractive girl! — Very attrative!”
    I told him it’s a good thing you’re SO FAR AWAY! 😀
    Anyway, thought that would boost your day a bit, that he would look twice. 😉

    P.S. — Now we both wonder about the food. Maybe I should fix some breakfast, here, eh? 🙂

    • Matleena says:

      Dear Katharine, how wonderful you are! And please greet your husband, he seems to be a very kind man! I love the dress, too – I was actually the only one to wear a maxi dress, never mind the colour. But I don’t mind standing out a little so! My sister took all the photos – she has a great camera and talent, too.

      Yesterday was amazing. First we had this more formal ceremony at school and then there was celebration at my mother’s place. My parents divorced when I was around 6 so we’ve lived with mom since then. We still see our dad quite often and in fact he attended the party here yesterday. So it’s all nicely sorted out.
      In the evening I headed with my friends for Helsinki where we went to this nice bar and danced and had so much fun till dawn! If it hadn’t been for the wind we would probably had stayed and watched the sunrise. I was home around half past four and slept a couple of hours – I’m getting old or something, I can’t sleep past 10 o’clock in the morning anymore haha!

      Oh yes, the food. We had mostly sweet cakes and cookies but also some (I mean, a LOT) of Karelian pastries (do a little google search here, will you?) and my little sister made a nice chicken salad, too. I was wearing the jacket ’cause it was raining in the morning and I didn’t want to ruin my dress you see. And well, it wasn’t that warm, somewhere around 13 celsius.

      Hope you got your breakfast – I think I’ll be sick soon, we have SO MUCH cake left! Heading for the gym first thing tomorrow morning, I must’ve gained so many kilos by now:D
      Take care and loads of love! xx

      • katharinetrauger says:

        Wow. I replied to this once, yesterday, but I see it did not deliver. Hmm. Let me try again.
        I did look up the Karelian pasties and they seem like what we call a breakfast burrito (Mexico being so close) but we roll the “bread” around the ingredients, and we add lots of very spicy peppers to warm it up. So I think I would really enjoy coming over and helping you finish all that food, since I certainly do like cakes, too! 😉
        You will be glad, someday, that your style tends to the more elegant — a bit of maturity will be a plus side to your personality as you navigate life. People will notice. It’s one thing I like about you and even about this site. And your sister seems to share your skill with a camera!
        Yes, my husband is kind. I gave him your greeting and I think he blushed a little. 😉
        How wonderful to be graduated, eh? I’m so glad you had a fun and peaceful day/night. You will be so busy in the fall, but do enjoy your summertime rest from studies. (Or will you also study this summer?) Oh well, I know you will find a way to make it fun.
        Congratulations, again.

      • Matleena says:

        I’ve heard of those burritos but never tasted one! They do sound, however, delicious and spicily warm. And I bet you make delicious cakes, Katharine! Bless your hubby, haha 🙂

        It’s so amazing to not have to study and stress about exams any longer! I’m having the summer off (not even working since they haven’t found me anything in the work placement office and to be honest I’m not complaining) and actually I cannot wait till autumn – I love studying and learning new, especially now that it’s going to be all about the field I am so interested in. Just emailed the scan of my certification to the uni and waiting for the response…!

        So I’ll just exercise (gym, cycling, swimming, walking, running, maybe some yoga and tennis if I’m lucky enough), relax, read (it’s funny how I never seem to get enough of Harry Potters, for instance), blog, take photos, have fun with my mates, have tea parties and movie marathons! And visit all my godparents, grandpa and other relatives. Lots to do when you think about it and I’m keen to start 🙂

        Hope you’re all right down there! Lots of love xx

      • katharinetrauger says:

        Very hot, like last summer (with summer yet to start!) but even dryer, lacking rain horribly, pastures scorched, already, and it is still spring. They predict high 90’s (39 C) and little rain this week.
        Our air conditioning system finally died and we had to replace it. That left attic insulation all over my house. Filled the vacuum cleaner once and have only begun cleaning it up. The repairmen cleaned up LOTS before they left, with a broom–filled a 5-gallon (20 liter?) trash can! Still I have most left to me. Happy to say it is NOT fiberglass! Also happy to have a more modern system, now. Quieter and runs less often and supposed to use less electricity. We keep inside the house at 80 (26) just to survive both the heat and the electricity bills! 😀
        Other than those two things, we graduated our last child from college and he plans to marry in Sept. Did I already tell you? Will be really busy, then! 😉 Hope to sand and re-varnish our dining table before then, plus I really hope we can harvest a lot from our garden, as we are like babies so picky about our vegetables. 😀
        Tea parties — no one does those, here, that I know of. Wish I could join you.
        Have a wonderful vacation, rest your mind so you’ll be recharged and ready for harder studies and many good grades. Bless you, Matleena!

  3. Lorainne says:

    Voi sinä kaunis ylioppilas ❤ ❤ Onnea ihan hirrrveen paljon!!! Lähetän sulle kirjeessä jotain spessua… 😉 Sain nimittäin just sun kirjeen, joten nyt eikun vastaamaan. 😀

    • Matleena says:

      Höppänä, voi kiitos kauheesti<3 Rakastan tota mekkoo niin hirveen paljon! Ei sun tarvi, se oli niin lyhyt kirjeki haha! Yritän enskerralla ettii tarpeeks ison kuoren ni saan lähetettyy sulle ton yhen pikkujutun x)

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