Road trips and Silence

I accompanied my dear friend, Minna, on a nice road trip to the little summer city of Porvoo earlier this week. The day was sunny, the roads were empty and we ate half a kilo of small, sweet strawberries. I intended to take piles and piles of photos but, as always in good company, the camera really liked to remain in its case.

We saw a chocolate factory, old red houses and many of the blue road signs during the day. We bought ice cream and ran back to the car when the evening rains almost got us. In the end we drove the boring but familiar motorway northwards from Helsinki to get back home.

I’d love to say that my days are quite quiet and that they tend to repeat each other. But well. The are never quite the same. Yesterday, for instance, we went down the pub with a mate. And after 11pm we were playing pool with some old men in their 50s. I was in the winning team, by the way – though I was rubbish all the way through but the point still stands haha!

But if I am to hit the gym first thing tomorrow I need to get some rest this night. I’ll get back to you all later, take care everyone! xx

PS – Lucia’s brilliant. You need to hear this.

“do you wanna play for love”


16 thoughts on “Road trips and Silence

  1. katharinetrauger says:

    Sounds as if you and Minna had a wonderful day of what we call goofing off — just doing nothing in particular and enjoy each other’s company. Plenty of time for purposeful activities in the autumn.
    Congrats on beating all those old men at pool. 😉

    • Matleena says:

      She actually had to turn in some papers to her new school but still, it was lovely to just idle away and watch the surrounding nature 🙂 And haha, thanks! I AM rubbish at pool, though…. just sheer luck, I think 😉

  2. Beljeze says:

    Do not cease to enjoy these days!! I yearn for such days, but the finals have not yet come to pass for me and there’s the exam I have to pass to be admitted at the University of Medicine. So I’m buried in biology, chemistry, maths and Romanian. Can’t wait to be in your position! 🙂

    By the way, Lucia’s awesome, and she’s Romanian :)) and I’m ashamed I never heard of her before, but anyways , she’s great!

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