So many days of summer

Oh, dress sizes. Am I the only one to dislike the numbers on the labels, so critically categorizing us? How I hate them – they make me feel so large. Like there isn’t enough pressure brought on us women already.

As you can guess, I have had better afternoons than this.

However, after having dwelt in self-pity, cried and moaned a little and watched (500) Days of Summer I feel slightly better now. Feel free to cheer me up. Bet I’m just tired, slept so poorly last night. The dog and some curious nightmares (I’ve been on board the sinking Titanic, for instance) keep waking me up in the early hours, sigh. Anyway, this works as a wonderful means of relaxation.

Hope you’ll have a better Friday folks xx


8 thoughts on “So many days of summer

  1. katharinetrauger says:

    I love you, Finland girl! If you had my dress size, you’d be happy to get your own back. 😉
    However, I think the sizes inside the garments are to save us time in the dressing rooms of the stores, don’t you think?
    And summer is for gaining a bit of weight and size, so we can have a bit to lose if we catch a powerful disease in winter. Wouldn’t want to waste away. 😉 Now here is a pun in English, do you like them? — Would prefer to waist away!

    • Matleena says:

      Haha oh Katharine, aren’t you wonderful! Sure it is much easier to shop when there is something like sizing but I still can’t help to want to loose a little bit more than I already have (that being 13lbs since March – I’m very pleased!). Anyway, as I’m an ambitious and impatient person I wish I could still get a little bit smaller and get those few inches away from my hips in no time. I wish it was that simple.. Oh well. All my working out and eating well must pay me back in the end, right?

      And thanks for the link, I’m certainly going to check it out before I catch some sleep 🙂 It’s quite an disturbing image to try to jump out of a sinking steamer and find that you’re clinging to a flagpole in the middle of Atlantic! (I have absolutely no idea whatsoever where I get these horrible dreams from.)

  2. katharinetrauger says:

    Oh, and if you’d like to laugh a while, here is a very funny joke blogsite:

    She is British, so I do not always grasp all the humor, but enough of it is very funny to keep me coming back. 😀

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