Okay, before everyone goes off on a rant about my laziness lack of posts I want to tell you – or even better, make a list of the things I’ve done in the past month or so.

I have made, myself, from scratch

  • two jars of bright red, delicious strawberry jam, made of organic handpicked berries (the taste – oh my god, it’s to die for, honestly)
  • a pair of woolen mittens
  • at least four pairs of woolen socks (these are all for Christmas, except for one pair I wanted to try a wonderful pattern called ‘Japanese garden’ on [Knitted Socks East And West by Judy Summer])
  • two gluten-free blueberry pies
  • and gluten-free pancakes this afternoon since it really seems that I have coeliac disease after all
  • one summer dress which ended up as my new nightie (no, it’s not that nice to wear in public)

And mom made me yoga socks. Could wear these all day.

I started to read Hamlet (Shakespeare) and Wuthering Heights (Brontë) as they are part of my first English module – I have no idea how I’ll ever finish the latter but I’ll do my best. As they say, quitting is not an option. I can’t really get an insurance, my other school books, national student card or anything else ’cause I’m stuck in Finland – whoopee, note the sarcasm – not being able to open a bank account before bloody September. Which is something that is required to do most of the things mentioned. But it’s five short weeks to go and then it’s bye bye my so dear dump and hello university!

I feel like everyone’s dying of this twaddle. Sorry! But yes, in short: I’ve been knitting, watching the olympics, doing some berry and mushroom picking, exercised and went for a nice morning swim today. Oh, and don’t you just love Johnny in Alice In Wonderland?

September, please come quickly… But now, dears, I need to either feed or let the dog outside, she’s making strange whining noises behind me so I’d better be off before something horrendous happens. You know what dogs are capable of.

Happy August my lovelies! xx


14 thoughts on “DIY

  1. Lorainne says:

    Hei siehän olet ollut ahkera! 🙂 Mäkin olen ajatellut noita joogasukkia, vois tehdä sellaiset nyt kun on kauhia kasa lankaa odottamassa… Ja hei, Wuthering Heights ei ole niin paha, kun sen lukeminen onnistui multakin. 😉

    Pian nähdään! ❤

    • Matleena says:

      Tän siitä saa kun on liian pitkään toimettomana 😀 Oon ihan rakastunu näihin, äiti teki vauvalangasta – ihanan pehmeet ja nyt pystyy joogaamaanki ilman että koko ajan pitää olla ottamassa sukkaa pois jalasta. Oon Brontessa vielä vasta tokassa luvussa, puuh — ehkä mä yritän ryhdistäytyä, se ei kuitenkaan oo ihan sellasta englantia mitä pelkäsin. Vertaa Hamlet… no mut tykkään kyllä Shakespearesta ja tostakin kirjasta niin ehkä sen lukasee nopeesti läpi toiseen kertaan tai jottain. Ihanata nähdä, kudotaan ja askarrellaan ja potteroidaan! ❤

  2. katharinetrauger says:

    You did not bore me! I’ve missed your sweet communications! And you nearly made me miss MY “so dear dump”, which is silly because my parents moved and it’s no longer “mine”. 😉
    September will shock you when it gets here — so fast, for something so slow! 😉
    ❤ K

    • Matleena says:

      Aren’t you lovely! I quite like living with my mom, but as we are so many it feels a bit too crowded a bit too often — it’ll be great to get some space for myself 🙂 It’s the country I will not miss, nor the culture etc… Ah, happy to get away at last! It is kind of strange how anti-Finnish I am, really.

      I’ve been eating, like, thousands of kilos of berries this summer! Got to go and pick almost 5kg of strawberries, not to mention how much blueberries I’ve found in the near forests. Yummy! Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer too, Katharine! xx

      • katharinetrauger says:

        Yes, in many ways, although we still pray for rain. I heard a police siren go by and forced myself to believe it was not a firetruck. Lots of acres burned around these parts, but not like some places, so we are thankful, still.
        I really wish I could visit your place, but I’m such a stay-at-home. And how could I visit only one blogfriend? Hmm? I’d never come home! 😆

      • Matleena says:

        Oh dear, I hope the rains we’ve had here will magically reach you any day soon! I’ve never experienced a real wildfire and in a way I hope I never will..

        And tell me about it! I’d be all around the world, though I think I’d just love every bit of it and never want to return haha:) Actually, one of my dear internet friends is getting married next month and moving from Israel to New Zealand – they’ve already told me to come and visit them anytime I want and I’m really starting to plan how to get there as cheap as possible!

      • katharinetrauger says:

        Yikes! What an adventure that would be! Keep me posted! And send me some rain! 😉 My husband, being a forester, knows exactly what the dangers are, and he does not sleep so well, these days . . .

    • Matleena says:

      Gotta love them, yes! Though, being on holidays for 6 months makes me really want to get back to school and do something useful!

      It’s really not that hard to get that look, it’s just simply a couple of filters laid upon the original shot – I use online editorial software ’cause I can’t afford the Photoshop yet. Try googling ‘free online photo editor’ and I bet you’ll find some really good ones! xx

    • Matleena says:

      And I love you, thank you so much! Socks are quite nice to make — if there isn’t any strange and super-complicated pattern which makes your brain and eyes hurt after a few rounds, of course 😀

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