Um. Hi guys.

I’ve been bad I know, haven’t been posting anything in a long while. Don’t eat me. I won’t taste good.

We drove up north with Michael yesterday. Say hi to Michael, world. And greet my new baby – Pentax K-5 has stolen my heart. Thank you mum, love you loads.
Had a lovely day yesterday; we set off around half eight in the morning, drove all the way up to Aviemore via a stop at River Tilt. And then back down again. As soon as we drove past the ‘Welcome to Highlands’ -sign the sun disappeared, the sky grew weary and it got quite chilly – I found it rather funny. But otherwise it was a sunny, warm autumn day.

I love Scotland unbelievably much. I’m happy here. It’s home up here.

Need to start writing my two-thousand word essay for English though. It’s due next Tuesday but since we are celebrating birthdays the next weekend I feel that I have to write at least the half of it today – otherwise I’m going to die of pure stress and panic. Wouldn’t look nice on the death report. To be really honest with you I’ve been procrastinating everything concerning studying or school for too many days now. That’s what mid-semester break seemingly does to you. Well. Fair enough.

Here I am, drinking hot chocolate in our kitchen yesterday evening. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Highlands

  1. marialla says:

    I like your foot picture – I know a couple of people who like to take a picture of their feet on new shores. It is a rather cute concept. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and hope you continue to have a good time. Make your memories now while you are young. They will carry your through the rest of your life and warm your soul as you move forth.!!!

    • Matleena says:

      Thank you for kind and wonderful words again marialla! I love taking photos of my shoes and feet, it’s been a habit of mine for years now haha. It is really good I’ve met someone like Michael since he, being laid-back and relaxed, makes me chill out and not to worry too much. To live in a moment and I like that🙂

  2. Lorainne says:

    Hi Michael! :))

    Ihania kuvia❤ Täällä ei mitään ihmeempiä, koulua ja vielä lisää koulua… Mutta ei siinä mitään, koulussa on kivaa ja ensi viikolla on meidän luokan konserttikin.🙂 Yritän kirjottaa pian, en vielä ole ehtinyt vaikka lupasin, ja kun koeviikkokin painaa päälle niin voi olla että joudut odottamaan vielä vähän…

    Terkkuja sinne <3<3

    • Matleena says:

      Ei kuule haittaa yhtään, kirjotat ku kerkeet en mä täältä mihinkään katoa🙂 Kuulostaa et arki rullaa ihan mukavasti, kiva juttu! Terkkuja paljon sinne ja kiitos vielä pariviikkosesta, oli mahti nähä ja vieläpä näin lähellä mua. Just tossa tein kivan lohipizzan ja jälkkäriks smoothieta ja kuivattuja aprikooseja, elämä on kivaa. xx

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