Ed Sheeran day

Boring macro leaves and wanna-be-bohemian landscape – I know, try to tolerate. Left my telezoom lens inside when we went for a stroll with Sohvi to the Woods earlier on. Otherwise it’s been a pretty normal day; a seminar, doctor’s, yesterday’s roast for lunch, chocolate while reading a chick flick. Off to gym, sweating and dying for 50 minutes, chatting afterwards with a postgrad in the changing rooms. Because I’m a boring blogger I’m not taking photos of every meal I have but you should see my fruit salads! Mastering the art of mixing some cereal and sultanas in with the fruit. It’s so good.

School things to do:

  • read Hamlet and The Good Soldier
  • watch The Barbarian Invasions and Tears of the Black Tiger
  • write two essays by the end of this month
  • them being 2,000 words and for English and Film&Media
  • oh and then we have to write a group assessment, forgot about that!
  • last but not least: an in-class test/essay in Global Cinema which I am just wanting to pass (that module – well, let’s say, I enjoy situations where I swear in Finnish more and by saying that I want to tell you all that when I swear in Finnish around here I am really pissed off and can’t help myself)

But tonight I am going to Skype Emmi. Determined to remember that. And watch a nice movie, maybe The Young Victoria. It’s the only movie without a sad ending in my shelf at the moment unless I don’t want to watch Harry Potters. Or Doctor Who. Kind of know them both by heart which usually leads to a situation where I’m facebooking rather than actually watching the film. Anyway!

Life’s grand. I’m a bit tired. Please do read Lucy Dillon‘s novels, they are so warm and wonderful.

And PS – Ed Sheeran. (click click click)


6 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran day

    • Matleena says:

      Haha voi kiitos, ei 19v synttärit nyt niin iso juttu oo 🙂 Oltiin lauantai-ilta Glasgowssa, sain ihania oikeista marjoista tehtyjä cocktaileja ja oli hauskaa hih. Mitäs sinne kuuluu? xx

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