Happy Birthday to me

Meet Miss 19 – she celebrated the best birthday ever last Saturday, the tenth of November. A magical date. Woken up with strawberries, hot chocolate, Pinot Gris and fruit; enjoyed a beautiful salmon pizza for lunch and evening was well spent down in Glasgow. Oh the cocktails, proper strawberry mojitos and daiquiris, good music and most brilliant company. Stayed in and lazed away on Sunday; Man on Fire got me literally sobbing my heart out.

Scotland is still waking up. Good morning folks – I am going to go and make myself my morning porridge. Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well xx

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. Katharine Trauger says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Dearie! I’m so glad you had such a gastronomically wonderful day. Wish I could have been there to help you with that pizza! Or with any of it.😉 Missing your posts but hoping that means you are really studying hard!❤ K

    • Matleena says:

      Thank you so much Katharine! It was definitely a day to remember, last Saturday🙂 I am starting to adapt to uni life, the ‘new’ culture; finding my way around in town, starting to have routines. It’s nice to have my own little life up here with my own washing and hovering to do. And well, sometimes Michael’s, too haha. I’m having a job interview tonight by the way! A bit nervous but I’ll be fine. It’s a job at a supermarket cafe I applied for and I really hope I get it ’cause I’m sure I’d enjoy it🙂 But, have a seminar in 45 minutes, better go and get ready! I’ll post asap again, sorry for being so lazy xxx

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