23 thoughts on “So green

  1. Katharine Trauger says:

    Hello, Matleena!
    Long time since I heard from you! So good to see these photos of your surroundings. It is a lovely place.
    We’ve had some green this year, too. It’s amazing after 2 years of heavy drought, to see grass! To mow every week!
    My favorite, though, besides seeing the ponds full for a change, is a field of black cows. Soomething about that black and green looks so dressed up, almost like tuxedos or something . . . 🙂

    • Matleena says:

      Hi my lovely Katharine! Great to hear that you’ve got some green this year as well:) I really wish my new wee flat had my own garden, it would be full of flowers and plants. Well, I’ve got my big, deep windowsills and lots of room to have some plants on them. Fair enough. We’ve got plenty of cows around here, mostly Highland cattle, they look gorgeous with their long horns and fur 🙂 Hope you’ll have a great summer! I’m having my fingers crossed that it won’t start raining now, would love to go out to the Glen for a little morning walk… xx

      • Matleena says:

        I’ve seen it in West End and probably bits of the original film as well – it’s so lovely! There’s nothing better than singing and walking in the rain 🙂 x

    • Matleena says:

      Hello there, I bet he would! It’s truly a heaven for collies around here, hundreds and hundreds of sheep all over the place. Greetings from Scotland xx

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