A special Sunday

The loveliest day out. Michael’s brilliant idea, thank you honey. St Andrews was tiny and extremely cute. Had a really tasty chippy and Irn Bru on the beach, lots of ice cream, found a few jelly fish that made me squeak (I’m not scared of deep waters or sharks but the tiniest jelly fish just creeps me out). Wandered about the streets and laughed a lot. A perfect day.

And FYI – I know I look a bit hideous in that top. Michael says it’s supposedly too big and baggy for me. Oh well. It’s got a badger on it, makes up a bit right?

10 thoughts on “A special Sunday

    • Matleena says:

      Haha thanks Katharine dear, my figure’s been going through a change into much more feminine one, still need to get used to buying actually fitting clothes! Hope you’re doing fine, I’ve got a cold or hay fever and been bedbound today. Oh well, missed only one seminar so no big harm done🙂 xx

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