Scottish Championship Car Racing at Knockhill

My first ever race!

Was good fun, even for someone like me who doesn’t really understand cars or, well, have a licence to start with. We had chips and I was determined to get some sweets from the sweet van. And lots and lots of tea, the wind being cold and rather brisk drove us indoors a few times. Today I’ve suffered a migraine and sorted out my timetable for the starting semester. Lots of interesting stuff, pedagogy and microteaching starts so would think they’ll keep me busy.

One thought on “Scottish Championship Car Racing at Knockhill

  1. Antoinette Clinton says:

    Nice work. Look for the upcoming romance in a few days, Tahoe, set in 1983 Los Angeles – that’s right, no beepers, no cell phones, or high speed internet and this is the year when a tornado surprised LA…

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