Barrowlands: Clutha – A Celebration

Michael took me with him to the Barrowlands the other day to take photos of the Clutha Benefit gig for Glasgow News. All I can say is that I absolutely loved the venue, and even though the day was long (we got down around 2pm and I took a bus home around 9pm) I enjoyed the bands and eventually fell in love with Frightened Rabbit. So safe to say, my Valentine’s weekend was rather brilliant.

Otherwise, life’s in full swing with uni again. Taking 3 literature modules might be considered suicide but I’m happy enough to tackle the challenge. It’s a lot of work but hey, that’s why I applied to uni! Also, been hitting the gym really hard and can already see a whole new set of muscles I never knew even existed. And there’s a lovely wee dance school in the West End, Dance Glasgow, where I’ve been taking a few classes as well. So life is good, real busy but I enjoy the buzz.

Hope everyone’s having a good year so far xx

PS – The quality’s not the best, the only camera around was my old Pentax with the crappy 18-55mm lens. But it’ll do for now.

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