Friday Night Pamper with LUSH Cosmetics

Everybody loves a good pampering session after a long, busy week. So this Friday night, why not put your legs up, close the bathroom door and run yourself a nice hot bath! I’ve gathered together a few tips on how to make the most out of your me-time and how to transform our loo into a luxurious spa, even if just for the night.

All about the atmosphere

It is almost as important to have your surroundings reflecting the serene and relaxing atmosphere as it is to get the bath temperature just right, so light up a few candles. Find that perfect playlist on Spotify – I personally go for the nature noises; there’s nothing better than imagining yourself in a beach spa somewhere far away, watching the exotic sunset. Make yourself a cup of tea or, if the week has been especially tough, pour a nice glass of wine. Dim the lights and let the warm, flickering tealights invite you to let go of the stress.

Getting the bubbles just right

In a spa, you wouldn’t expect to be seated in a plain boring bathtub. So spice it up! Lush offers a range of luxurious bath products, ranging from bubbles to bath bombs to bath melts – whatever your fancy, they will most likely stock it. If you’re looking for a classic Hollywood soak, go for the bubble bars – if you’re feeling more adventurous, try the fizzing bath bombs. ‘Granny Takes A Dip’ is the ultimate mood lifter with ginger, pepper and lemon: the scent alone perks you up, and the rainbow of colours relaxes the mind, too.

Scrub your worries away

A bath is not complete without a good face mask and full body scrub. Firstly, start off  with a good exfoliation – I tried out the ‘Ocean Salt’ -body and face scrub, and by golly is it refreshing! As a two-in-one body product it’s great for both your cheeks as well as your legs: the sea salt removes the dead skin cells, while grapefruit cleanses and tones, and mango butter gives the finishing touches with its skin softening properties. Follow by a face mask of your choice and you will feel as good as new.


Last but not least: moisturise

In our cold and damp Scottish weather, it is important to remember your moisturiser as it is the key to good-looking skin. The famous ‘Charity Pot’ body cream not only cares for your skin, but Lush donates 100% of the price of each pot (excluding the taxes for obvious reasons) to a good cause: currently to fight fracking in the Mendip Hills in Somerset. So while the rich and creamy lotion softens every inch of you and restores that healthy glow of your skin, it also supports charity. So one less thing to worry about!

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