Like you hit me with lightning

Hey you all and you are a big lot these days!

(Honestly, how are over 3,100 people interested in my life?! Absolutely MENTAL, I’m really not that interesting. And I mean it, I have been barely posting for the last year or so!)

Tonight I’m really really bored. Finished my final piece of coursework – English essay, 2,500 words and somehow I broke a personal record writing it under 72 hours. Hopefully it’ll help me to achieve a pass, this semester’s literature module has been… well let’s just say the adjective I’d use to describe would start with a ‘s’.  But now it’s done and after a really busy, stressful autumn it’s nice to be bored. If that makes any sense. I’ve come to realise that if I ever want to be a good teacher, I really need to drop educational studies and focus fully on my subject – English, that is. Which is fine, I really like it (normally). Got 3 full modules of writing this spring! Or I don’t really believe we are going to be writing anything, more like to focus on the historical aspects of Scottish literature, what it has to do with identity and then there’s a module on writing&language I’m dreading ’cause I’m not a fan of linguistics. Too difficult, too.. blah. But, I won’t judge a book by its covers so I’ll keep positive!

So, having finished that essay and needing to save money for Finland – I’m taking Michael over for a few weeks starting next Tuesday and I’m dreading there’s not going to be much snow around, yikes! – I’ve been having a lounge floor party with nail varnish, popcorn, candles and Ellie Goulding. Got my hands on her iTunes session tracks and if you’re not already loving that girl, you will after the acoustic Starry Eyed. Went to see her live in October, one of the best nights of the year for sure! So all in all it’s been a boring but in the end quite enjoyable evening.

Going to see a few girls tomorrow for coffee and lunch and then we’re going for Christmas dinner to my absolute favourite restaurant-bar in Glasgow, Vespbar with Michael. Stand-up afterwards in the same venue, just downstairs. Oh the cocktails and Prosecco on tap… And the pizza is gorgeous. If you’re in Glasgow, please please go! You won’t be disappointed!

What else is going on. I really hope someone else is reading this than my mum – hi mum! – ’cause she won’t understand half of it anyway. Well not much. Hosting a wee Christmas get together for a few people on Sunday. All I have in the cupboard is Dorritos. Need to go to the shop on Saturday, I reckon.

Hope everyone  is having a great week so far! Thanks for following me, sorry for the lack of posts lately and would love to hear what you’ve been up to!

Mattie xx

Hi I’ve been busy, have a few photos instead!

Hi folks, we went to Italy for our mid-semester break! It was absolutely wonderful, though Milan blew the budget, so to speak. That’s fine, Sicily was like going back in time and it was lovely being able to eat outside under the stars, wearing jeans and a nice blouse – in October. The trip was in fact so good that I didn’t bother with pictures at all. That’s a new one. So here, enjoy a few ones Michael took (in total he has about 200 or more pictures on his Nexus but I can’t get them transferred over at all – I’m an IT loser and he was too busy so you’ll need to wait for them or till I have time to get away from my school books and snap a few pics of something interesting).

Also, I thought I’d include two shots from our August’s camping trip and as I miss my dog immensely, here you are, the few camera snaps my family sent to me via Facebook:

And no, she’s just sleeping, don’t worry.

Hope this will keep you happy in the meantime! x

August according to my phone

Some of the snaps I manage to bluetooth from my phone from August. Makes me smile just looking at these, all the stuff we did. Quite stressed out at the moment with a lot of happening at uni (essays, microteaching, additional workshops etc), but we’re off to Italy in two weeks’ time! We’ll be flying first to Milan and then to Sicily for a few nights. Should be lovely and relaxing, really looking forward to it. Going to fill so many memory cards with photos.

Anyone else got special plans for half-term? xx

Camping up north in August

Not your typical Loch Ness and the Great Glen holiday snaps. Or for sure, we did stay up in Cannich (a tiny village north-west from the infamous Nessie), had a few lovely days worth of exploring Inverness and ran out of Scotland up in Wick and Thurso. I am head over heels in love with the Highlands, really wouldn’t mind living up in Inverness one day! Or somewhere close. Definitely going again!

Sorry for posting so late, it’s been one mad autumn. I’ll try to get better this winter and actually start carrying my camera with me again.

Thanks for following my wee blog all you new lovely people, there are loads of you already! xx

Scottish Championship Car Racing at Knockhill

My first ever race!

Was good fun, even for someone like me who doesn’t really understand cars or, well, have a licence to start with. We had chips and I was determined to get some sweets from the sweet van. And lots and lots of tea, the wind being cold and rather brisk drove us indoors a few times. Today I’ve suffered a migraine and sorted out my timetable for the starting semester. Lots of interesting stuff, pedagogy and microteaching starts so would think they’ll keep me busy.

Trip down to England

Nice little weekend trip down to my aunt’s. Saw my good friend Lotta in Oxford, had a lovely day getting lost in the old university town. Got enough of trains, though. Force me into one and I swear I’m not responsible for my actions haha!

A special Sunday

The loveliest day out. Michael’s brilliant idea, thank you honey. St Andrews was tiny and extremely cute. Had a really tasty chippy and Irn Bru on the beach, lots of ice cream, found a few jelly fish that made me squeak (I’m not scared of deep waters or sharks but the tiniest jelly fish just creeps me out). Wandered about the streets and laughed a lot. A perfect day.

And FYI – I know I look a bit hideous in that top. Michael says it’s supposedly too big and baggy for me. Oh well. It’s got a badger on it, makes up a bit right?