Camping up north in August

Not your typical Loch Ness and the Great Glen holiday snaps. Or for sure, we did stay up in Cannich (a tiny village north-west from the infamous Nessie), had a few lovely days worth of exploring Inverness and ran out of Scotland up in Wick and Thurso. I am head over heels in love with the Highlands, really wouldn’t mind living up in Inverness one day! Or somewhere close. Definitely going again!

Sorry for posting so late, it’s been one mad autumn. I’ll try to get better this winter and actually start carrying my camera with me again.

Thanks for following my wee blog all you new lovely people, there are loads of you already! xx

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Scottish Championship Car Racing at Knockhill

My first ever race!

Was good fun, even for someone like me who doesn’t really understand cars or, well, have a licence to start with. We had chips and I was determined to get some sweets from the sweet van. And lots and lots of tea, the wind being cold and rather brisk drove us indoors a few times. Today I’ve suffered a migraine and sorted out my timetable for the starting semester. Lots of interesting stuff, pedagogy and microteaching starts so would think they’ll keep me busy.

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Trip down to England

Nice little weekend trip down to my aunt’s. Saw my good friend Lotta in Oxford, had a lovely day getting lost in the old university town. Got enough of trains, though. Force me into one and I swear I’m not responsible for my actions haha!

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A special Sunday

The loveliest day out. Michael’s brilliant idea, thank you honey. St Andrews was tiny and extremely cute. Had a really tasty chippy and Irn Bru on the beach, lots of ice cream, found a few jelly fish that made me squeak (I’m not scared of deep waters or sharks but the tiniest jelly fish just creeps me out). Wandered about the streets and laughed a lot. A perfect day.

And FYI – I know I look a bit hideous in that top. Michael says it’s supposedly too big and baggy for me. Oh well. It’s got a badger on it, makes up a bit right?

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Jamie’s Italian

Best date ever with Michael. There’s just something so magical about Glasgow.

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So green

It’s so green outside. Went for a morning stroll, saw some sheep. I just can’t stop loving Scotland.

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How to save a life

Doing my journal in the kitchen in Glasgow. Surprising how I always manage to collect this many tickets, receipts and brochures. It’s been really chilly up here, left my big warm winter coat up at uni and not liking the way the wind really bites into my bones whenever I’m outdoors. They say that I should be alright with the cold, having grown up in Finland, but duh, that just means that I’ve been freezing for 6 months every year for the last 18 years. I’m a gentle, subtle little thing, not meant to survive without working central heating!

It’s been holidays. Still is till mid-February. Can’t wait to get back to uni – I’ve already signed up to join the university choir and sent an email to our art venue’s dance co-ordinator to get involved with this year’s Let’s Dance Festival. If I could afford it, I would also love to start going horseback riding every once in a while. Maybe later this year. After I get a job. Being an undergrad and unemployed is not the best of combinations.

Been listening to The Fray, Adele and Ellie Goulding lately. Comforting and smoothing, with an edge of toughness. Like it.

Have a brill weekend everyone! xx

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