Feeding the ducks

Such a perfect, lazy Sunday. The Finnish Christmas radio started broadcasting so it’s been my childhood favourites over and over again. My English essay is still missing a thousand words or so but I’ve got plenty of time – it’s not due till tomorrow 5pm! And me being up at 7.30am (as usual) I’ll have 700-odd words before lunch which for the record is going to be Jamie Oliver’s tomato soup and fresh gluten-free bread. And in the afternoon I am going to bake some Christmassy cakes. Gluten and lactose free, for sure.

Did my Christmas shopping on Saturday. I am now a hundred pounds (or more!) poorer but I’ve got everything now. Even gift wrapped the first presents yesterday evening – doing all possible to procrastinate as much as possible. Michael’s having a bad effect on me but then on the other hand I’ve never been this relaxed during an exam week. Maybe I’m just growing old and finding the real priorities in life. Liking it a lot anyway.

Also, after 8 and a half months of strict dieting and food control, I am now having a month off. Enjoying whatever I want, whenever I want. I’m hitting the gym for real and cutting off the sugar and so on again in January but now I will just indulge myself (of course, within reasonable limits, you know me) and take the most out of Christmas. ‘Cause it’s my favourite time of the year.

Have we got other Christmas lovers around? x

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas – one of my favourite festivities! I might be a wee bit early this year but let’s face it, who could resist Marks’s 3 for 2 Christmas offers? Not me at least. So, I got myself a little pine tree. And some hangings.

Yesterday evening I ordered the first presents – goodbye thirty quid. It doesn’t matter, though, since I love giving more than anything. Especially when the present is something the other person genuinely likes and you can just see how their face lit up when they’ve removed the wrapping. It’s the best feeling ever!

Ed Sheeran day

Boring macro leaves and wanna-be-bohemian landscape – I know, try to tolerate. Left my telezoom lens inside when we went for a stroll with Sohvi to the Woods earlier on. Otherwise it’s been a pretty normal day; a seminar, doctor’s, yesterday’s roast for lunch, chocolate while reading a chick flick. Off to gym, sweating and dying for 50 minutes, chatting afterwards with a postgrad in the changing rooms. Because I’m a boring blogger I’m not taking photos of every meal I have but you should see my fruit salads! Mastering the art of mixing some cereal and sultanas in with the fruit. It’s so good.

School things to do:

  • read Hamlet and The Good Soldier
  • watch The Barbarian Invasions and Tears of the Black Tiger
  • write two essays by the end of this month
  • them being 2,000 words and for English and Film&Media
  • oh and then we have to write a group assessment, forgot about that!
  • last but not least: an in-class test/essay in Global Cinema which I am just wanting to pass (that module – well, let’s say, I enjoy situations where I swear in Finnish more and by saying that I want to tell you all that when I swear in Finnish around here I am really pissed off and can’t help myself)

But tonight I am going to Skype Emmi. Determined to remember that. And watch a nice movie, maybe The Young Victoria. It’s the only movie without a sad ending in my shelf at the moment unless I don’t want to watch Harry Potters. Or Doctor Who. Kind of know them both by heart which usually leads to a situation where I’m facebooking rather than actually watching the film. Anyway!

Life’s grand. I’m a bit tired. Please do read Lucy Dillon‘s novels, they are so warm and wonderful.

And PS – Ed Sheeran. (click click click)

Hermitage wood

I’m so happy here. I love the people I share the floor with, I love the lecturers, books, my room, even the shabby shower. This is just perfect. I’m never going to leave, not ever again.