Feeding the ducks

Such a perfect, lazy Sunday. The Finnish Christmas radio started broadcasting so it’s been my childhood favourites over and over again. My English essay is still missing a thousand words or so but I’ve got plenty of time – it’s not due till tomorrow 5pm! And me being up at 7.30am (as usual) I’ll have 700-odd words before lunch which for the record is going to be Jamie Oliver’s tomato soup and fresh gluten-free bread. And in the afternoon I am going to bake some Christmassy cakes. Gluten and lactose free, for sure.

Did my Christmas shopping on Saturday. I am now a hundred pounds (or more!) poorer but I’ve got everything now. Even gift wrapped the first presents yesterday evening – doing all possible to procrastinate as much as possible. Michael’s having a bad effect on me but then on the other hand I’ve never been this relaxed during an exam week. Maybe I’m just growing old and finding the real priorities in life. Liking it a lot anyway.

Also, after 8 and a half months of strict dieting and food control, I am now having a month off. Enjoying whatever I want, whenever I want. I’m hitting the gym for real and cutting off the sugar and so on again in January but now I will just indulge myself (of course, within reasonable limits, you know me) and take the most out of Christmas. ‘Cause it’s my favourite time of the year.

Have we got other Christmas lovers around? x

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas – one of my favourite festivities! I might be a wee bit early this year but let’s face it, who could resist Marks’s 3 for 2 Christmas offers? Not me at least. So, I got myself a little pine tree. And some hangings.

Yesterday evening I ordered the first presents – goodbye thirty quid. It doesn’t matter, though, since I love giving more than anything. Especially when the present is something the other person genuinely likes and you can just see how their face lit up when they’ve removed the wrapping. It’s the best feeling ever!

Hermitage wood

I’m so happy here. I love the people I share the floor with, I love the lecturers, books, my room, even the shabby shower. This is just perfect. I’m never going to leave, not ever again.

Finally packing up

I didn’t mean to make such a dark post about the moving out but of course it had to start pouring when I (finally) had the camera ready! So this is not a sad, I-don’t-want-to-go type of event in my life. Quite the opposite: I’ve been waiting to be able to have a flat of my own since I was 16. Okay, yes you’re right, I’m moving into a hall of residence, not renting a studio – but I’m still going to get my own room and that’s something, a big something. As I’ve been sharing with younger siblings for god knows how long this change is warmly welcomed!

Anyway – everything’s packed now. Flying away early on Thursday morning with mom. FINALLY! Hate to leave the most of my beloved crockery behind but I don’t want to break any of my valuable plates or cups. Sigh. So we’ve got to take only the essentials with us this time. Linen – check, decorative knickknacks – check, cutlery – check. Clothes (most of which are too big for me these days, haha) – check. Documents, travel plans, to-do-list – check.

I’m ready now!

Oh, we went to the theatre with the brilliant darling Susanna last Tuesday. Ryhmäteatteri was doing Peter Pan and dear me, I loved the play! Want to see it again and again and well it’s kinda shame it ended last Saturday. But who doesn’t love JM Barrie, I wonder?

And one last thing before I get back to my knitting. As Series 7 of Doctor Who started on Saturday (Asylum of the Daleks – fantastic, the best series opener ever!) I got inspired by this character Oswin and made a chocolate soufflé today. Now I will not need to bake any more – feeling like a real French domestic goddess.

Last beams of summer

Travelling again – I’m in the middle of Finland this time. Visiting Lotta. It’s all lakes, hills, pine trees and water here in Säynätsalo – lovely. Don’t try to make me spell that name again, by the way.

And yes, I am in the water still wearing jeans.

The perfect pizza

I’m so proud of myself – my first gluten-free mushroom-salmon-wild herb-pizza! It looks so nice (and tastes also!) – I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat it, as I just keep on looking at it with wonder. I haven’t had a pizza for a long, long time. Mostly because restaurants do not have gluten-free options and well, it hasn’t really suited my diet – most pizzas are full of saturated fat and have awfully lot of carbs in them. That’s why I love to cook – you can make healthier choices (choose lighter cheeses, skimmed milk etc) and you know what’s really on your plate.