After the silence

Hiya! I’m back!
To be honest I had almost forgot I even had this, but I’ve decided to start writing more often now! Let’s hope for the best, eh?

Life’s changed since I last wrote. I am 4 stitches (a nevus got removed, nothing serious!), one marticulation examination (in psychology) and many new friends richer now. We’re the eldest at school, preparing for the finals, applying to universities, reading book after book and still managing to have time to meet up at someone’s house in the evenings. It’s been fun. My last autumn in Finland, I try hard not to get that nostalgic, it’s not like I’m going to leave for good.

Going to visit Italy and pop over at aunt’s in Hitchin next April. Don’t sure if I already told you about it? Savings are growing and I haven’t got that much money to use – though it doesn’t matter, there wouldn’t be anything that important I had to buy at the moment.

I haven’t heard a word from the university (University of Stirling) but I really hope they’ll accept me, I’m sure I would make a great student! Went north up to Scotland ’cause the fees are so high around Cambridge and London. A degree in Film&Media, hopefully combined with Journalism or English, that would be such a love.

Autumn is almost over, but it’s only a couple of weeks until my 18th birthday! I really cannot wait, the parties I’m throwing for mates and family are going to be amazing! Dressing up, looking and feeling pretty, dancing, eating, having a good time.

But this is how my life has looked like lately, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible – I really need to get dressed, dad’s going to take us out for a dinner. Hopefully some Chinese!


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